Why is wine so special? Wine is different from other drinks; they are stored over time and as time grows, they become tasty. The phrase “old is gold “is literally so true in case of wine. Here I am not going to talk about such a wine but about another special red wine which grows tastier not as years pass by but based on “environments,” it has been through.

“Experience”, the word experience indicates the time spend and scenarios you have been exposed to. It’s a terminology which defines how long you have worked for and how much scenarios you have come across. So, talking about experience lets review two important factors that sum up the term, Time & Scenarios.

Time, the very thing that defines how much experience you have. Suppose if you are conducting an interview for a senior position, would you consider a fresher or a senior who has to spend more time in the industry. off course the most common answer would be the experienced guy. But times are changing, we could see that those organizations are hiring people even without experience based on their commitment and skill. But to think that the sentence “ I have 7 or 8 years’ experience “ becoming so inconsequential would be implausible for a lot of people.

Is Time is not the factor which the new changing world Is looking for when you tell about the experience! then what! Well, it would then be “scenarios”. The experience could all be about how much mistakes you have committed. Yes, you heard it! MISTAKES! Its because when someone is experimenting with different scenarios and making mistakes and learning continuously, they could be termed as experienced. Let us consider two categories, the first is a Persson who has spent 7 years ideally doing work like a robot and the second category being a curious person who has experimented with all parts of work. Well, I would say the second category would be an asset to any organization and are the real experienced bunch.

If Experience is all about scenarios, then what should you write in your resume! I cannot just replace “7 years of experience” with “tested different scenarios”. Well if you ask me, go ahead, write that on your resume. I would suggest resumes be evaluated by new things each of us has done and the experiments, and learnings we have accrued over time. I would write on my resume “7 years of learning and experimenting “instead of “7 years as a robot “.

Experience is wine but it’s not about the time it has been kept underground. Its all about the quality, and the essence. Let’s be the wine which matures over time, learning and experimenting with different aspects of our profession.