War !!!!


The world is moving into an age where information is costlier than fuel. Information is considered as the new driving factor of a whole new era to come. As the world moves to an age of information, countries are investing in making their cyberspace more secure.

Hackers are able to find the minute of vulnerabilities and exploit it to make a whole country kneel before them. 2017 will undoubtedly be considered as ‘Year of ransomware’, the year when the global security landscape was forever changed by attacks like WannaCry and NotPetya. 

There were similar incidents which have ruined many reputed organizations in the past, but somewhere covered up and somewhere exposed to the world. The graph below shows the effects of different cyber-attacks in the 21st century.

Now the world is preparing for the war and countries are investing more in cybersecurity. As the world moves into the new age, India is also preparing itself. As India moves into the digital age where most of the money transactions and other critical services become digitized, there is high risk because of not having adequate protections to keep up with the evolution in information transfer. Companies abroad who are in a tie-up with Indian companies are requesting them to take an Information Security Certification to prove their security features.

An Information Security Certification gives many advantages for organizations like the below mentioned:

– Secures the information in all its forms

– Increase resilience to cyber attacks 

– Provides a centrally managed framework

– Reduces cost associated with Information Security

– Protects Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of Data.

There are different standards which the organization can be compliant with like ISO27001, ISO22301, etc.. Each of the Information security regulation or standard makes the company more organized and secure. It also shows off to other companies on how to secure information is in their organizations, so that will improve credibility and trust among internal stakeholder and external vendors. 

India should nourish cybersecurity domain and grow more cybersecurity professionals to keep up with the change. The cyber war is coming and every country should be ready to face it with their weapons.

The weak point of such a war would be lack of soldiers. Countries like India should concentrate more on cyber awareness and opportunities to youngsters in the domain. Most of the Indian institutions are not delivering learnings based on the wide opportunities and the wast cyber domain. There should be more soldiers who are able to defend the country and this is a point for India to look up on in 2018.

It’s the matter of being in readiness for what is to come. An attack can be in any form which can shatter anything and everything. Being ready for such an attack is a step by step process, which the governments and organizations around the world should go through.