Operating systems is evolving along with the time flow and are becoming more secured along with new vulnerabilities replacing the old ones. Attackers wait for a hole to crack the system and exploit .So how to safeguard your system from this vultures. Actually, it’s quite simple. Just update your OS when a new one hits the market. This step is quite simple but what should we be careful about when updating the OS.

Here are some points to keep in mind about OS updates.

1: Don’t enroll in beta versions as it may serve way to more zero-day attacks.

2: Keep track of all the updates released for your device. When Microsoft released the anniversary update, the company asked the user’s to install an update assistant app for updating windows. But most people were unaware of this until Microsoft released it in a normal update format.

3: “My computer is Mac or Windows, every build is the same and they have covered me entirely !. Why should I update ?” don’t have such a mindset. Remember that along with new features, security improvements are also made, not just new features.

4: Some people become too familiar with an OS, that he/she finds it very difficult to accept a new OS. One example is people who were attached to using Windows XP finds it difficult to use any other versions of windows simply because they like the simplicity and the figure below shows the high percentage of people still attached to Windows XP and windows7. Such people should remember that Microsoft support for this operating systems has ended since ages and you only get some patches time to time which is not enough to protect you and your organization against the modern threats that can destroy you to root.

5: Understand the new features of the updated Operating system before using it.

6: Organizations are advanced to notify employees about updates of OS and applications they use with a proper changelog.

Along with above 6 points, critical sectors are advised to go and take advice from a security consultant regarding critical updates.