Bloatware in Android is all the unnecessary applications that come installed in your devices by default. Bloatware can be a threat to your device and also use a large amount of your device storage space. Bloatware comes with predefined permissions and cannot be changed in most cases. A user with 8gb internal memory space may have nearly 2gb of data which are occupied by bloatware. So how to remove these bloatware applications? Do we have to be rooted for this ? or Do we have to unlock the bootloader?. Both these scenarios can ruin your device guarantee or compromise your security.

Here I have gathered information from different websites and organized it to remove bloatware and entire related data along with the package.

1: Go to and download adb fastboot from it. (DONN’T FORGET TO INSTALL THE DEVICE DRIVERS IN YOUR PC)

2: Go to device settings and unlock developer options by clicking the build number 3 times.

3: Tick the USB debugging

4: Now install any application like ‘App Inspector’

Find the desired app which you want to remove and note down the package name from it

5: Open “Minimal adb and fastboot ” which was downloaded and installed in step1.

6: Type this command ‘adb devices’ to know if your device is connected. (YOUR DEVICE DOESNT SHOW UP IF DRIVERS ARE NOT INSTALLED)

7: Now type ‘adb shell’

8: Now type ‘pm uninstall –user 0 <name of package>’ and replace ‘name of package’ with your package name of the app to be removed. eg: ‘ pm uninstall -k –user 0 ‘ and click enter.

9: Now type ‘pm clear <name of package>’

10: Restart your phone and you can see that the app is removed completely.

This is completely safe and easy. If you come across any doubt just ping me.