Mobile phones are becoming more closer to us day by day. The era of smartphones is rising into heights which we never thought of. Biometric security is being implemented in almost all mobile devices released lately. The recently released iPhone from apple introduces FaceID and almost all other smartphones released come’s with a fingerprint scanner. So does this makes our data safer? 

Let me tell you of a simple situation that randomly came into my mind when I was traveling in a train. I saw someone sleeping with his phone on his lap.It was a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner. If someone come’s and slowly takes the finger of the sleeping person and places it on the phone, then his / her security would be compromised. This scenario becomes worse if it’s a facial recognition lock.

Now most of us put fingerprints or other biometric locks to protect our smartphones. The traditional pattern or security pin can be made tough to guess and can be changed randomly over time. My opinion is to keep both the securities tied up to each other. Put a two-step authentication to protect your data like you can put fingerprint or other biometric locks to unlock your phone and use the traditional pin or code to unlock applications installed. If there is any sensitive data please do use both authentications including traditional and biometric security to protect it. 

A simple tip to all who blindly follow a new technology –

“Always cross-check before you accept a new trend “