The eco factor for any Workspace!


Do you have a plant on your office desk or maybe a fish in a small fish pot? I have seen people who keep the small plants on their desk and water them daily. Nowadays in office premises, organizations tend to keep it green with all plants and trees in the compound. This is indeed a technique to create an environment which can reduce the stress from daily work. But is this really true that plants and pets at the office could relieve stress? Let’s find out.

So how could a plant help you at the workplace? well, it’s simple as getting more oxygen and as they say green is the color of life and when you see some green on your table, your mind gets the thought of positivity overflow. And a plant does make your office table look attractive, which could catch the eyes of a client, your boss etc… It was reported according to a study conducted that plants in the workplace increases productivity and reduces health issues for employees. And plants also do have this wonderful power to bring the maximum out of you, they increase your creativity and stimulate your brain to think straight.

Well, now you may be thinking that I am going overboard! A plant could do all this? Well, my answer would be as simple as “Try and see for yourself “.

So, what about pets? Well having your dog inside your workplace might be very difficult considering the company policy etc. But what about the small ones like a fish! Yes, you could have a fish on your desk. But it’s always advised to keep more than one fish on your fish pot on the desk because a single fish could give you a negative feeling of loneliness physiologically but a sweet couple fish could always spread that positiveness needed to work effectively and make workplace fun. But pets! really? They distract others as well and would decrease work quality! well no, because having a pet at the workplace is having that one friend whom you could share your work stress and as they say, pets have no demands and no complaints, they just listen to you.

If you don’t have a plant or a pet as your partner at work, try getting one and see if it works. Looking forward to knowing your experience.