Protection begins from inside

Protection Begins from inside

Humans are creatures with feelings and emotions. Each and every one of us can be a threat to our organization knowingly or unknowingly. Human capital is a risk that can never be perfectly secured, hence insider threat is always a possibility. The simple reason for this is, that we humans can be influenced by our emotions and hence cannot be immune to them. So what should we do to reduce incidents caused by our own employees?

I believe the best way to control risk and incidents due to human resources is to manage them in such a way that the root cause of the risk i.e, their feelings, emotions, passions etc are considered by the organization. Everyone has feelings and emotions and that can be used against them and to our advantage. For example, if an employee experiences a good environment at the workplace and is treated well, he or she may not have reason to cause an incident or be a risk. I believe this reduces the risk by about 20 to 30 %. Fostering an open culture is key so that even if mistakes are made, employees report it instead of hiding it to prevent a difficult conversation with senior management.

“The mind forgets but the heart always remembers.”

These quotes have more meaning than you may initially imagine. Doing a job for the sake of it could create potential threats within the organization because of lack of foresight and personal investment from the employee’s side.But on the other end, if the employee works with his/her heart i.e, with the dedication to the company, the risk, in my opinion, gets reduced to an extent.

So in my point of view, every organization should try to satisfy their employee’s needs and try improving their work environment to get better results and reduce risk and hence, reduce incident. This, however, does not mean one needs to pamper employees or pander to their whims and fancies. All it really means is to create a positive environment at the workplace so that risks can be minimised and efficiency can be improved. After all, a happy employee is also usually a productive employee. 

Here are my tips to satisfy an employee :

1. Employee Goals – One of the best ways to have satisfied employees is to make sure they’re aware of what they are doing and this aligns with their own personal goals from the get-go.

2. Give a positive vibe – Shape and organize the workplace to give a positive vibe to the workforce

3. Give benefits – Employees are often pleased by getting appreciation and benefits for their work. This also improves competence and accelerates work.

4 . BIG is the word – Make employees feel like they are part of something big and they have a vital role to play. This enhances their interest towards work.

5 . Discover and nourish potential – Be an employer that finds the skills and potentials of employees and provides a platform to help them grow.

6 . Track job satisfaction – Always shadow and track employee satisfaction. This helps in getting recommendations for further improvement.

To sum up, the human factor in cyber security needs to be addressed through a cultural shift in the perception towards employees. It cannot be solved by technology because such incidents are driven by very human emotions. There may still be occasions where dissatisfied employees become a potential risk. But creating an option for open discussion is key to mitigating this risk.