Net Neutrality


Suppose a group of individuals are going on a trip and the group contains a VIP section and an ordinary section which is based on the ticket they had paid for. The departure and destination of the buses are the same and they are travelling on the same road. Let’s look at two scenarios based on this situation. In the first scenario, an ordinary person has to take the second bus which is slower than the first bus, and a VIP could board the first bus which is obviously faster than the second. Both first and second buses are arranged by the same travel agency and yet they want their VIP customers to reach the location first because they pay more.

In second scenario, we have no rules to govern the speed of the travel and both VIP and ordinary travelers are able to reach the destination at same time without any constraints from the travel agency.

Net Neutrality is the same. Let’s rethink the situation by replacing the travelers as different websites like or and the travel agency as our Internet Service Providers. In the first case, there is no internet neutrality and sites are treated differently based on how much they are ready to pay to the internet service providers ie, you could watch seamlessly if YouTube pays more to ISP and you would be having difficulty to stream videos in some local websites. This becomes a much bigger issue when companies are ready to pay more to ISP for increasing their speed and beating their competitors in delivery speed to users.

Now we have the second scenario, where a giant like Facebook and a small company is treated the same by ISP. In the second case, the ISP cannot enforce any rules to slow down the traffic and hence the speed of the connection. This will provide opportunities for smaller companies to rise up and provide better services. This is what Net Neutrality is.

Net neutrality may reduce the earnings of Internet Service Providers but would give everyone hosted over the internet the same connection speed for delivering their services. Internet Neutrality is still being a topic under discussion but can turn out to be the vital factor for many startups over the web and internet users out there.