Green Group


Green, the color of life. From the sunrise to sunset we come across only 5 to 10 % of the total greenery which existed centuries before. We buried ‘green’ with buildings, playgrounds and more. We destroy mother nature with plastic and other waste materials. A single waste material in our home makes us think of a million ways to get rid of it and yet we don’t seem to think about our real home ‘Earth’ which would once become a wasteland. In a recent study, it was found that humans constituted of 0.01% but have destroyed 83% of other life forms including plants and animals.

Now let’s look at a life of a normal human being. He/she survives under the shelter of parents until a certain age and when they become mature, they provide shelter for their kids. They do everything for their kids and wants their kids to have the best in the entire world. The real deal is that they don’t realize the big picture. Our activities serve as the base for their destruction. Yes, we are the “Villains” but unlike films, in real life, you always have a second chance to improve.

Now the following questions arise:

  • But, what can I do?
  • I am just one single person!
  • I can’t change the world!

Well, there is only one single answer to this:

“Change yourself and then the entire world would follow “– This is the same in all cases, we are the change .Set an example for others so that they don’t repeat the same mistakes.

So, what can you do? Some simple tips:


One single plant in a whole week! How hard can that be! 


Yup, I know its tough to live without plastic. We have all the soft drinks and food materials wrapped in plastic. Well, find a way to reuse plastic in instances where you don’t need a new one. Example when you go to a shopping mall, you could always collect the package in your bag, rather than having a plastic cover each time you purchase. Well if you think this would cause shame before others, don’t be, because self-satisfaction is all that matters and you are the hero.


In the stress environment of an office, you could always keep a small plant or keep your windows open to get fresh air. The fresh wind could give you the stress-free environment which you dream off. .And employers should try this out coz a better condition to work always yields better results. We see this eco-friendly environment at organization headquarters of Google Amazon or Microsoft, so why not you do the same. Being closer to nature helps in realization of the need to protect it.


I am not asking you to conduct campaign’s but to spread a single word of awareness to your friends and family. This could be done by including nature related talks on your conversations with friends and family or sharing posts on social media. And the best way is to start with your family. Be that example for your son or daughter to look up to and hence we make way for another member of our “Green Group “.

Above points are not for obtaining perfection. We could never obtain perfection because we have destroyed more than what we could restore. But the “weak give up and the brave try”. We just need to try. Let’s join hands for a future where there is fresh air and not air conditioners.