Don’t worry, you are totally safe!


As the threat landscape changes, organizations are faced with one question “How secure are you?”. Recently I saw a news on google commenting that apple is making Privacy a luxury. There is indeed some cooperate, competitive stuff related to this statement but if you look deeply, there is much meaning to the statement. If we compare the commercials of any organization, privacy and security is the catch, Just like apple commercials, or Knox security of Samsung devices. So, this is how important security is in this era and organizations try to make their fences tougher and rigid ever than before.

Let’s look at another side of increasing security like every coin has two faces, the concept of security also has one. To explain further on this, let’s dive into an old fairy tale. One fine day, a kid found a parrot in a paddy field. The kid went slowly near it, caught and took it home. His parents told, you should keep it safe or else, it would fly away. The kid brought a cage for the parrot and kept it inside. The cage was made of iron and was a total haven for the parrot. Later the next week, when the kid checked on the parrot, it was lying dead inside the cage. The kid was very upset with this sight and started shedding tears.

But why did the parrot die? It was safe from everything, it had food to survive, still, something was missing for it.

Now let’s reimagine the same scenario, the parrot as an organization, the kid as the management or employees and the parents as the society. The society is pushing organizations to increase security more and more every day and the management or the employees, thrive hard to achieve this goal but does this compromise something else!

The reason why the parrot died at the end “The inability to fly towards freedom” . We are surrounded by fences to ensure security, but is such a big fence necessary.

Let us take the simple network traffic, we could secure it completely by ensuring the highest rate of encryption and there is technology to ensure it also, still, it’s not proffered, why? because of it compromise’s performance. Why not have Four factors or five-factor authentication? Well, we do have, figure print, face, iris, password, captcha, etc.. This is simply because too much security would become a burden for the user.

A simple question to prove this would be to answer that, would you prefer a transaction that is highly secure but you have to do almost 10 to 20 validation to achieve it or is it good to do a transaction with 2 to 3 validations efficiently and firmer.

Security should embed be into the base of every process but should never be prioritized over performance, usability, and efficiency of the system. Each one of these components has to be given equal priority to give life to a perfect system.

As an ending note, let me highlight that security should always align with usability and freedom.