Digital Footprint


Suppose you are walking on the beach; you turn back and you can see your footprints, i.e, the path that you have traveled. The internet has something similar called digital foot print. So, each time you browse the internet you are actually walking on sand. But there is a major difference that exists in this comparison, on a sand trail of the beach, the trail gets washed off when it is washed away by a wave. On the internet, we don’t have such a wave and it is not so difficult to differentiate between the identity of the people who left the trail.

Digital footprint is a way that you make for people to easily reach you over the internet. Recently I was watching this movie called ‘Oceans 8 ‘, there is this scene where the actress hacks an employee using the information gathered about the employee from the internet. The success rates of phishing attacks are being more effective yearly. Well phishing becomes successful when you have enough information about the target that you could use to exploit. And this occurs only when you give the attackers the information they need. If you would not have left the trail behind, which allowed others to follow and get to you, you would have stayed safe.

Digital foot printing can be reduced to a safe level if we are being cautious about all the clicks we click on the web. Some tips which you could use for the same are listed below:

  • One way is to use separate email addresses. Maybe you could use one email for all those web applications which you use temporarily etc… and one for all the important stuff.
  • VPN is another way, which help you become untraceable over IP. There are people who tend to get you location by determining the IP Address you leave behind while browsing.
  • Using fake usernames for all the unimportant stuff which you use temporarily over web is a good practice.
  • Passwords is a vital factor for security over the web and these should be used like toothbrushes as I read somewhere which you would replace every month or so. Also, be careful to use passwords that is strong. “Password123456”, “Password@123”, “Password”, “Facebook123” etc.… are not the type I meant. LOL.
  • Being carefully on the information you provide on the web is another tip. Don’t provide information to any website without any consideration of why they need that particular information. Example if you are moving a movie steaming website, they may ask you for your favorite holiday spot as a popup ad. This is how you feed information piece by piece to the web.

In today’s modern world an individual can have two identities, one is their physical identity, known by their Name and the second is their digital identity, which they create in the digital space. We are now living our lives in the digital space rather than in our physical world space. This is where we should realize the importance of the digital space.

Browse safe on the web and remember to not leave your foot print over the digital sand 😉