Cyber Soldiers and Digital Zombies


What should be the primary scope of protection in the cyber space? the systems or the people who use the system? The Cambridge dictionary defines cybersecurity as:

ways of protecting computer systems against threats such as viruses:”

So are we going to protect computer systems from attack and thus protect the valuable information it holds. And this valuable information is turned to what is important to humans. So at the end of the string, it’s all about protecting what is important to humans. We make shields and walls to protect these systems.

Now comes the million-dollar question! What would you call protecting humans from computer systems?

Once while having chitter-chatter between my sisters and mom, my mother and I were talking about all the wonderful memories of my childhood. Then my sister was complaining about why she doesn’t have such experiences? We became speechless to her question. Nowadays, children dive into the digital world, having digital pets, digital identities and their worlds are being shrunk to a mobile or tablet screen. We see kids sitting on corners playing Mobile Games, disconnected from social life.

Maybe it’s the starting of a new generation!

There is even a term that the people who are addicted to digital space are called, “digital zombies”. In these scenarios how should we protect this generation? and is an individual in cyber sec responsible for these types of protection?

If I were to answer this, I would say a big YES. Individuals working in cyberspace should know ways to protect people from being trapped in the digital world. A mobile phone cannot replace human love and affection; this should be implanted in everyone’s heart. It is said that mobile radiations and devices with higher SAR values are destroying our brains and weakening our hearts day by day. And this situation arises due to negligence, overuse, and lack of awareness. This is where cybersecurity professionals or anyone who knows about the harmful part of technology should stand up and protect them by sharing your knowledge and spreading awareness.

I would like to bring your attention to this video, which I found on the internet showing the strings being detached from the real world as a closing note for this article.