College, the seven-letter word that brings a lot of memories. College days are like spring, colorful and cheerful, as they always were. When it all starts, we go as freshers being welcomed by seniors. I don’t know why but in my first days of college, seniors have been very kind and gentle to me. They have given enough love and care. Some call this love as ragging. But I think it’s an art to stare at a junior and ask him to do various activities, there is this other side where it can be dangerous too. There was this new face, all filled with hope and smile, sitting in a vast classroom. And that’s how it all began.

 The clock started ticking. People started to surround me and called themselves friends. I love the term ‘friend’ coz there is this sense of balance and strength you feel when someone tells you he/she is your friend. Then there was another set of individuals called “teachers”. I like to address teachers as a friend who teaches. This special kind of friends guide you and prepare you for the future yet to come. Teachers are like pillars. They give you the knowledge and guidance that form pillars of your life. There is this saying “Mother, Father, Teacher and GOD” indicating the importance of teachers in our life. And with all this kind of friends, I kept moving with smile and laughter.

Later when the monsoon started, we were all settled in. Now the group of separated individuals came together with a name called ‘Family’. Through spring to the monsoon, a lot happened and now we were seniors. We showed out juniors the same love and care which our seniors left us and trust me, they were all happy. Everything was like what you see in movies. There was the classroom scenes, the hostel scenes, the teasing scenes, the sad scenes, explorations and much more. There were also dance, songs, drama, and color. Every movie has a villain and so did this, they called it ‘subjects’. There were many warriors in the army called subjects and some of them were called generals, the most powerful worriers that ever existed. We called these generals as ‘Mathematics’. And when the army was ready and we were prepared, the war began. The war was what we called ‘exams’. The war took many of us by shock, we had to sacrifice a lot and some of us survived the war and got medals, and others went for heavy training under what we called ‘Tusion Centers’.

And then after years of fun, laughter, excitement, war, and sorrows, there came a day when we had to say farewell to college days and move on. It was difficult to separate from each other. We all had this sack filled with memories to carry around for rest of the journey to come. We were ready to face the last war together as one. War has taught us to be bold and grow strong to face the challenges of the world we are about to go. We fought bravely and when everything was over and settled, we separated to our different paths, in hope of finding new families..