Being a Leader


Once I lead a group of people in one roof developing mobile applications and websites. I was crazy enough to believe in making something of our own and we did make, not one but 5 different products. But when I started a startup company of my own I realized that being a leader is more difficult than making some products or doing some services. So in one year of running a company along with the fabulous bunch of partners, my view of a leader expanded from a simple class leader to a CEO. I like to share somethings which I learned in this short period as a leader.

1: Providing a good environment where work is done with fun and happiness is proportional to Dedication which is proportional to the Quality of work delivered.

2: What matters is not money but the joy of achieving something.  In one year our company gave us zero profit and we had spent much. What we earned are appreciations, fame and new relationships. And I believe that is more valuable than money because all these never leaves us while money comes and goes.

3: Motivation and belief in people can bring out the best and, each and everyone has their own trait. When I choose my partners I looked for people who could be the best and not people who are the best. I believed each one of my partners had a trait like management or designing skills which they exhibited as not such but through the activities, they did unknowingly.

4: Learning is a continuous process. When I started a mobile application development company some of my partners didn’t know as much as I did about application development but they knew much about things which I didn’t know. So I spend time in teaching them along with learning so much. Some of them changed my whole view of looking at some things. When I listened to things they said I made myself zero to analyze and conclude upon their views. And looking through things by making yourself blank makes it easier to accept that you are never perfect.

5: Building relationships. I believe building relationships is more important than any other operations carried out. We as a company concentrated on building relationships more than anything. We had times when some of our dream projects where pushed down because of situations and all that remained were relationships with some great personalities.

This all are few of the things that I learned from being a leader. When I closed down the startup company after my college days, I never felt upset because I learned so much and I was one step closer to my dream. 🙂