The Indian government has always been keen on introducing new digital transformations to make it easier to manage the vast population with different culture and ideals. The adhaar is one of such digital transformations. The adhaar card has been serving as the primary identity proof for Indians since January 2009. Eliot Alderson, a French hacker posted in his twitter account instructing how easy it is to hack the adhaar application, there were also posts regarding how easy it is to get adhaar details by an advanced search in google. Later the site, which was showing the adhaar cards was taken down. In all this fuzz there were issues raised by people against the government in exposing their privacy.

The Government claimed that there is nothing to worry and we are completely safe. But while looking at the security parameters in some of the government portals we can see weak security measures followed through for protection. The news below shows the same

There are also different reports and news like the one below, which shows the lack of cybersecurity experts in the world and India has the same.

 But we can’t blame the government alone, cause this issue is a double-edged sword wielded by two parties. One of them is the government, who has been providing weak securities all through and has failed in recruiting new talents to strengthen the cyberspace in India. The next party is the people who are careless in being aware of protecting vital privacy elements like adhaar.

When people started complaining about adhaar being leaked by the government, they didn’t care of accepting the fact of leaking of adhaar through their simple careless behavior. People user adhaar as wrappers for different food items on roadsides. They simply make different copies of their own adhaar cards and using adhaar for different purposes like getting a subsidy for LPG by providing hard copies of their adhaar. The government has strict policies for sharing adhaar card number and the people ignores it completely. Some of the points where we have to be careful about using Adhaar include:

Ø Creating hard copies of Adhaar.

Ø Sharing Adhaar card number.

Ø Sharing information about adhaar to government officials without realizing the purpose.

Ø Storing Adhaar as soft copies in different devices without proper protection.

Ø Using Adhaar as a normal proof indicator for taking SIM or other services by providing hard copies.

Ø Linking Adhaar to unnecessary accounts online.

Ø Mentioning your Adhaar details online through social media or other.

Looking through the mirror and looking towards reality is different. Both people and government should change. The government should make better security parameters over confidential information in digital form, along with recruiting new talents and making people aware of the cyber warfare and how they could protect their information. People should understand that ‘the world is an open space and so is the cyberspace’, once you serve as driving factor for leaking your privacy, you open doorways for criminals to exploit. As they say “MERI ADHAAR MERI PEHCHAN “.